Tempting Fate “Illusions”

For a metalcore band, Tempting Fate really seemed to find a way to tickle my fancy better than most other metalcore bands as of late. I’ve said it in past reviews my distaste for heavy usage of screaming vocals, not so much that I dislike the way it sounds but more so how it all can pretty much sound the same. Upon listening to Tempting Fate’s Illusions, I can pin point it, but something jumps out at me, something that they are doing right.

The first song Questions introduces the bands style, not taking much time at all for lead vocalist Cory Beecher to get straight in to screaming with rather typical guitar playing, save for the guitar solo which I enjoy. There are also very noticeable studio tricks used, which is something I’m not totally fond of, makes the sound less natural, but it differentiates them further from other metalcore acts, so I’ll give them that. I’m impressed by Cory’s range of screaming, going from rather high screams to low growls. His clean voice, heard in the bridge, sounds pretty good too.

The album continues with songs like Filthy, where drummer Austin SinClaire really comes out to play and Cory’s screaming vocals at points sound like he’s singing with the scream, which I don’t find to be that common with metalcore yet I have always wished more metalcore singers would do. He also does this a bit in the song This Is A Warning. Get Weird is just as heavy as the rest of the album, but is not as fast in pace, making the song sound more like you’re listening to voices in your head talking to you.

Cory is the main standout member of the band, just like in any metalcore band, with his previously mentioned mixtures of singing while screaming, and his ranges, which are really brought to the test on Mutilation Line, and I particularly enjoy his clean vocal parts in Get Up and Run (which has some great double bass drum playing by Austin). Guitarist Shame Beecher has some good moments on the album too, more so than most metalcore guitarists, with guitar solos better and less cliché than typical metalcore songs, and some guitar riffs, particularly that of This Is A Warning that really stand out. But he does find himself in many metalcore clichés, like fast and heavy chords that can sometimes escape our memories.

On an album such as this, the closing track could be almost any track and it would have sufficed. However, choosing State of Unrest as the closing track was a pretty good choice. It’s probably the catchiest song on the album aside from Questions, but it does also feature elements that aren’t different from the previous songs on the album.

Tempting Fate have a more punk attitude to their music compared to metalcore bands like All That Remains (for example) which is what makes their music stand out a little more to me. If you’ve heard one song, you haven’t necessarily heard them all. They remind me of the bands I’ve heard be referred to as “Warped Tour Bands” just with more balls. If there is one thing I’m not fond of, and I did mention this already, is the production tricks that are used, rather heavily, in every song. It does give them a little something different when comparing them to other bands, but it just takes all of what could be a natural sounding metal album and turns it in to something that isn’t that much better than the pop songs we hear on the radio that use the same tricks. But aside from that, I see potential in Tempting Fate, and I see a band that deserves more recognition than most metalcore bands that have been getting notoriety as of late.


Questions” –­ Definitely the catchiest chorus on the album, which is pretty much all the reason I need to choose this as the highlight. But it also gets listeners right in to understanding what the band is all about and it gives them a taste of what they are in for.


7 (Out of 10)


Track List:

1 Questions Tempting Fate 3:13
2 Filthy Tempting Fate 2:57
3 Get Weird Tempting Fate 3:22
4 This Is a Warning Tempting Fate 3:37
5 Mutilation Line Tempting Fate 3:26
6 Get Up Tempting Fate 3:22
7 Run Tempting Fate 2:34
8 State of Unrest Tempting Fate 2:34



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