Lady Flint “Lady Flint”

While I love Blues Rock, I agree that in the modern day it could sometimes use some more originality. While classic rock of any kind will always be the backbone of my love for music, I never really appreciate the artists who try and “revive” a classic rock sound as much as I appreciate artists who try and mask their love of classic rock with some originality. French rock duo Lady Flint fit in to that category well enough. They are first and foremost a Blues Rock band, but rather than trying to be another ZZ Top they try to be themselves.

The opening track to their self titled EP is Scare Off Crows. Ithas a loud bluesy riff and wears that influence on its sleeve. Tony More’s singing is imperfect, but it fits the bluesy style of the band well enough to pass, though I hope it improves down the line. The song rocks a bit harder than your average blues rock song; since the band is a duo, naturally they try to make the instruments as loud as possible to compensate for their lack of band members.

The Last Time I Was Sober switches from its slow verses to its hard bashing choruses/breaks with surprising ease for a duo. I’d have to say it’s the least original/most bluesy song on the EP because I don’t really hear any other influences mixed in, but that really shouldn’t take away from the chord changes, which I like, the heartfelt guitar fills and the previously mentioned changes in pace.

On their Facebook page, the band describes themselves as a Blues Rock band as well as a Stoner Rock band. It’s on Not A Wise Man that I finally hear that Stoner Rock sound. The singing sounds dizzy, the riffs are crunching and straight to the point, and the song is a huge change from the previous two songs the EP has had to offer. This continues on the next track Outsider.

The EP ends with Problems, which is not only the fastest paced song on the EP, but it also mixes its Stoner Rock side with its Blues Rock side exceptionally well. The melody and all around feeling of the song is hard rock, while the guitar playing has a hard blues attitude that blends in so well, like so many other bands before them have done, making this for a pretty awesome closing track.

I’m not saying Lady Flint is completely original, but they don’t seem to be trying to be anyone but themselves. Whether or not it’s their intention, they don’t sound like they’re trying to revive an old classic rock sound as much as they sound like they are trying to improve it. I’m indifferent as to if I believe it’s working for them, but I advise that they keep it going because I believe they have the right idea.

While I’ve never loved the concept of rock duos, I frequently forget when listening to Lady Flint that they even are a duo; they don’t have that fuzzy sound that I notice so many duos have in their guitar playing which I think is to make it sound like there is more than just one guitar playing. Instead, Lady Flint just plays loud.



Problems” –­ First of all, I feel this song has the most memorable riff, which I didn’t mention earlier. It fits well with the slightly tighter feeling that the music has to it. I mainly feel this is the highlight because it best sums up the EP, with its mix in styles all put in to one, just the way I like my album highlights to be.



7 (Out of 10)


Track List:

 1. Scare Off Crows 03:45
 2. The Last Time I Was Sober 03:30
 3. Not A Wise Man 03:19
 4. Outsider 03:35
 5. Problems 02:42

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